Our Programs

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Students may attend 2 or more days.


Before Care Available: 8:00 am - 9:30 am

After Care Available: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Extended hours may be available based on need.

Our Classrooms

2-3 Years Old

3-4 Years Old


Special Events

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Visiting Author


Each year, we invite a children’s author and/or illustrator to read their book(s) to the students. This is a fun-filled day that aligns with our curriculum theme. The children also learn about the people in their community who work to create the books they read every day.


Fire Prevention Week

Each year during Fire Prevention Week, the students learn important safety skills. The highlight of these lessons is a visit from our local firefighters. The firefighters talk to the children about fire safety, and give them a hands-on tour of the fire engine and its equipment. 

Halloween Celebration


Imaginative play is an important learning tool for preschoolers. Using our imagination is an exercise in being more aware, more alive, and more creative. Through our Annual Halloween Celebration, we pay tribute to the benefits of make-believe.




Each year, during November, we embark on a special school-wide project that aligns with our Thankfulness curriculum. Last year the students made a Thankfulness Quilt that now hangs in our hallway.


Christmas Pageant


This is truly a camera-worthy event. The children sing carols and our Pre-K students reenact the Christmas Story. We follow our pageantry with a school-wide party, where the children are surprised by a special guest. Ho, Ho, Ho!


I Love Books!

In conjunction with Dr. Suess’ Birthday and NEA’s Read Across America, we celebrate our love for books and reading with special events throughout the month of March.

Adventures In Art


Each day we sing a little, dance a little, rhyme a little, and sometimes we paint, or draw, or build, or mold things into shapes. We are always growing our art and our ability to use color and form to express our feelings, an idea, or a learned subject. Our exhibit, Adventures in Art, is open for viewing over three days on April and showcases art projects worked on throughout the year. 

Butterfly Release

During the months of May and June our school is immersed in the study of insects. The culmination of our bug bonanza is our Butterfly Release Day, when all our students join the Adventurers to release the butterflies they raised in their classroom.


Parent’s Day Celebrations

We can’t express in words how we feel about our Moms and our Dads, too! They are so near and dear to the Learning Path community we just had to carve out a special day dedicated just to them. The Explorers host a V.I.P. Tea, while the Adventurers treat their parents to an Ice Cream Social for all the sweetness they bring to their lives.