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Welcome to Learning Path Preschool. We pride ourselves in offering a fun and comprehensive approach to learning, where process is always honored over product. We like to think of our school as your child's home away from home, where they will be free to learn about themselves and develop a life long love of learning.


Elizabeth Hill



Amy Nobile
Assistant Director

Our goal at Learning Path Preschool is to guide children in the joy and discovery of learning through the development of self-confidence. Using our center-based approach, we offer an excellent balance of learning through play and academic exploration. Our teachers share their decades of experience, along with innovative educational practices, to provide an opportunity for each child to discover their strengths, build social competence, grow socially and cognitively, and enjoy a sensory approach to learning. We provide a safe, loving environment that encourages connections with each other and the community.

Mission Statement

Our Curriculum

At Learning Path Preschool, a typical day aligns with our monthly curriculum themes and alphabet studies. Our center-based approach includes individual problem solving, as well as peer learning, in the following areas: literacy, math, art, science, name recognition, handwriting, weather, calendar, music/movement, and circle/story time. It is our goal to help children develop a love of learning and refine their social skills to prepare them for their next step.


September - Self, Family, Community

As children transition into school routines, they develop a greater sense of individuality through social, intellectual, emotional, and physical learning. They explore their evolving roles as members of their own family and their extended school family. Children develop a larger sense of self by learning about people in their community.


October - Careers, Halloween

Careers are actively explored in our classroom: a doctor is bandaging an athlete's leg in the dramatic play doctor's office, an architect is planning a new building using blocks, artists are working on a new painting, and a sales team is working to draw new customers to their dramatic play farmer's market. At the end of October, Halloween reinforces the fun and importance of role play in a young child’s learning experience.

November - Thanksgiving Traditions, Fall

During November we discuss the people, places, and traditions that bring us joy. We revisit the first Thanksgiving and modern day celebrations, including food-related traditions and different family customs. Our exploration of Autumn reinforces the positive aspects of change through nature.


December - Five Senses, Christmas Celebrations

This month we combine the study of the five senses with our holiday theme. Activities, lessons, science experiments, and stories focus on the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and feel of the season.

January - Passport To The World, Space, Winter

Passport To The World explores different places around the globe. Our children will be able to look at global diversity through a mirror, in terms of how other cultures align with their own. This theme also serves as a window to interesting worlds unlike their own, helping them to become citizens of the world. We also encourage our little ones to look up to the stars thru our Space curriculum. In addition, Winter brings more changes to the landscape for our children to explore. 


February - Health & Nutrition, Feelings, Valentine’s Day

Building on the children’s sense of self, we explore the subject of Health & Nutrition that empowers children to make good choices and take special care to keep themselves healthy. While love is always a part of the curriculum at LPP, we focus this month on sharing positive and friendly feelings and examine emotions through our Valentine’s Day theme.  


March - I Love Books!, Animals & Habitats

In conjunction with Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and NEA’s Read Across America, we celebrate reading by engaging in activities inspired by our favorite books. Our month is littered with literacy activities, including Author/Illustrator Visits and an Author study. Animals provide an abundance of fun and interesting subject matter for preschoolers. They learn about different Habitats in nature and in our own community, they also learn letters and beginning sounds for many animals. They identify animal colors and patterns, and explore the many ways animals enrich our lives. 


April - Poetry, Weather, Easter, Spring,

Poetry is important to pre-readers. Simple rhymes make it easier for children to learn new words, to learn to memorize, and to recognize patterns and sequences. But most of all poetry is fun and creative. 

While the weather is reviewed daily throughout the year, in April the children learn more about science and nature through lessons on weather. As the weather warms, we focus on Spring and the new growth this seasonal change brings.


May/June - Bugs & Insects, Summer

Ant colonies and beehives represent hard working communities. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly illustrates remarkable changes in nature. Our annual butterfly release day is an exciting moment for our preschoolers who are learning about the world of bugs & insects. We also explore the pleasures of the Shore as school draws to a close and we prepare for the summer ahead.

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